My name is Mehdi Armachi, I’m (Current Year – 1990) years old.

Every person is motivated by something. My motivation is seeking the truth. The truth about people, about the human being, about our actions, why we do them and what should be done instead… I am in search of the perfect self.

In my adolescent years, I was the guy trying to hide in his black hoodie, doing my best to be as imperceptible as possible. Sadly, being 1,90 meters tall didn’t help. Living in my own world I didn’t know how to connect with people. I was like an alien who has just landed on earth, trying to communicate with “Human Beings”. Verbalizing my ideas was a nightmare… not for me but for the people I was speaking to. In my mind it all made sense, but my closest friends were always like “What the hell are you talking about ?”. When I did some introspection I realized that in fact, all that came out of my mouth was gibberish. Being the insecure that I was I made it my goal to better my communication skills and to fit in.

My desire to be a “normal” member of society was the motive to learn self-development, which a friend of mine introduced me to. Thankfully, after many years of depression and search for meaning I was able to surpass the “fit in” phase.

Then from self-development I went on to read about psychology, and then from psychology to philosophy. I now spend my nights stressing about if we’re driven by our freedom of choice or if our decisions aren’t but a consequence to a series of events, maybe it’s both, may be it’s neither, maybe we’re just… Oh, and I have a minor case of ADHD too, good luck.