Free will : The power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion.

As a kid, the first 10 years of your life you are being taught how to think and behave. Taught is a cute word. You are being programmed. Since your brain is empty the only source of information you have is your parents’. And since you don’t develop the necessary cognitive abilities yet to analyze and therefore accept or reject their ideas you have no other choice but to take them for granted. Imagine Hitler’s child playing with other kids in the park yelling “Heil Hitler, long live the superior nation”… you can’t blame him for that. Programmed is the right word.

Until now you don’t have a real freedom of choice. You were brought into this world tabula rasa, so just take a back seat and grasp whatever you can. But then comes adolescence were you fight this programming and try to take hold of your life and have ownership of it. You want to be FREE to undertake whichever path you wanna take, live the life you wanna live… but is that really a freedom of choice ?

You say I, the glorious and majestic I, want to become a doctor… you say I as if it was purely yours. Don’t you know that you wanted to become a doctor because you subconsciously know that your parents only valued doctors ?

You say I want to help people and make them happy… don’t you know that you only want to make people happy because you subconsciously know that your father is a very sociable person always smiling and laughing with people and you subconsciously wanna become like him ?

Where’s the freedom of choice in reacting to past events ?

Is trying to break the loop an escape from this programming ? Trying to make new path for yourself… or is it just a reaction to a reaction ?