You’re smart, but society convinces you you’re stupid.
You’re honest, but society laughs at you when you act like it.
You wanna do good in the world, but society questions your real intentions.

If you’re a sane honest person, trying to make the world a little less harder for people, you’ll face real struggle with your surroundings. Not from the government or corporations or powerful people, but with the very people who actually want you to do good in the world. They’ve accepted the miserable state of the world they’re living in, they gave up their rights as human beings and are ok with that, they persuaded themselves that that’s how the world works. That’s how things are. You just gotta deal with it.
So when someone comes and says : “You don’t have to live that way you know… You can claim your rights, you can educate yourself on how the world really works, you can actually live life the way you want it to be not the way that was imposed on you !” They feel threatened. And subconsciously defend their beliefs by judging the person as naive and crazy. But in fact, they want you to do the good things you say, they want to believe in you, but they’ve been living in a bubble for so long that they’re afraid to come out. Unless someone shows them that the outside is better than the inside.

“All experience has shown that mankind is more disposed to suffer than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

— American Declaration of Independence

This system of thought is self generated. Most people seek social validation, they like the compliments, the likes on facebook, the approval for their actions, and to have that they must act according to what society says. You have to act like other people to get their approval. Being a real social activist means looking beyond social validation, it means enduring the hatred and rejection of others for a greater purpose. They may dislike you at first but they’ll understand later, like having to take a distasteful unpleasant medicine.