Is it okay to manipulate people ? Of course not, it’s evil and selfish… but did you know we manipulate each other all the time ?

Let’s consider the following : You have an eager desire to understand how the world works, so you spend hours reading books, having debates, thinking, meditating… I doubt you come to understand the universe in its totality (although if you did let me know pls thx), but you’ve come to understand a pretty big portion of it. May be you now understand how society should be, what should one aspire to achieve in life, what family means, friends and so forth, and now you want to share all this knowledge with the world. You feel it burning inside you, all this knowledge can’t stay locked up, people have to know what they’re missing ! So… how are you going to proceed ?

Are you gonna grab the first person you meet and just start pronouncing really elaborate and sophisticated well crafted sentences about the meaning of all this we’re living in and how it’s all connected in some weird way and the stars and galaxies but wait ! The person you’re talking to is already bored and/or thinks you’re crazy. He understands what you’re saying but he just doesn’t relate to any word of it.

If you can’t communicate to a person willing to stop and listen to what you have to say, how are you gonna possibly communicate with people who spend hours and hours watching TV show after TV show, who spend more than necessary time and energy on work, who are obsessed with shopping and going out with friends, and ultimately, who look desperately for a window to escape reality through drugs. In other words, how are you gonna communicate with people who look for the slightest chance to not think. This is where manipulation comes into play.

Because most people don’t know what’s good for them, you have think for them. But not only that, you have to convince them that what’s good for them is really actually good for them. Like a baby how doesn’t want to take his cough syrup, you don’t say to him : “Look, baby… If you don’t take this syrup your cold is gonna get worse and plus I know the syrups tastes really bad but it’s nothing compared bleeding throat is it ?” You don’t converse with a baby. You distract him with cartoons, make him think you’re gonna give him candy and then slip the syrup without him noticing. That’s exactly how you should deal with stubborn people. You have to manipulate them into taking the medicine by manipulating them for their own sake.

See, politicians understand this. They understand that to get to people’s hearts you don’t use logic or statistics or anything complicated that’ll make them think for themselves, no. They know that people want them to think for them. So they dress up really fancy, use hand gestures, speak up loud, smile, aka “Authority Bias”, and say beautiful words like family and children and bright future, so that people trust in what they say. People don’t want a 25 year old president, but they will easily choose a 70 year old president (talking about you Trump) even if both don’t know shit about presidency, or responsibility for that matter, just because the 70 yo looks and acts more credible and trustworthy.

That’s the blunt and hard truth about humankind, we can’t see clearly and are extremely cautious when people are trying to help us that they have to manipulate to convince us.

Manipulation is a powerful tool. And with great power, comes great responsibility. Use it wisely.